Breaking: Hsu Arrested in Colorado; Fell Ill on Train

Allah updates with this:

Hsu was traveling on an Amtrak train when he became ill. Grand Junction paramedics were summoned to the Amtrak station near downtown about 11 a.m. Thursday to treat a patient, Battalion Chief Robert Ferguson said.

The patient, whom Ferguson said he found out eight hours later was a fugitive, was not in great pain, Ferguson said.

“There was no extrication needed,” Ferguson said. “He walked out of the train on his own.”

He is currently in federal custody at St. Mary’s and is listed in fair condition, said St. Mary’s nursing supervisor Pete Smarr.

Why was he on an Amtrak train in Grand Junction, CO, when he was supposed to be at a bond hearing in California?

Michelle points to Flip, who points to the fact that the Clinton campaign still lists Hsu as a HillRaiser.


Allah points this out:

The FBI said in a statement that Hsu, who failed to show up Wednesday for a bail reduction hearing in Redwood City, was arrested at St. Mary’s Hospital on federal charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. That charge will be dropped after he is handed over to California officials, the FBI said.

Um, why? The man ran. Or did he?


The news is so new it isn’t even on Fox yet. As Allah says, it sounds like Hsu is injured:

Authorities said Hsu was taken into custody at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction at 7 p.m. local time. He had been on the lam for almost two days after failing to appear in a Redwood City courtroom Wednesday to surrender his passport.

Stand by…



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