Vilsack Received At Least $4,300 from Hsu, Suspected Straw Donors


No-longer active Democratic presidential candidate Tom Vilsack received at least $4,300 from fugitive Norman Hsu and suspected straw donors, according to FEC filings. Flip writes:

Until now, I’d only known about $3,800 of it, despite each of these donors being on the list, since the Vilsack campaign had recorded Soe Win Lee’s name incorrectly at the time of her contribution.  Happily, Lee’s name appears to have been spelled properly on the refund, as filed minutes ago by Vilsack’s campaign committee.

Also reflected in that filing are refunds to Paul Su ($1,000) and Susan Chilman ($500)…

Those three refunds (each issued on 9/22) total $2,000, which takes care of everyone on the list, except Mr. Hsu himself, who contributed $2,300 on May 3rd.  Vilsack likely turned this money over to the United Way of Iowa, as his campaign cut them a check for $2,300 on August 30th.  Wave goodbye to that money, victims of Hsu’s alleged Ponzi schemes.

Indeed. And Flip notes that we’re left with an additional gem from this filing: The only other individual to receive a refund from Vilsack on 9/22 was Seema Hingorani of Darien, Connecticut. She received $2,300 on that date. However, a search of her donor records also finds the same Hsu donor pattern. In fact, she’s donated over $14,000 to Hillary and HillPAC, and $26,000 to the DSCC since 2005.

It’s like more information will be learned through tonight and into tomorrow.

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