Huckabee Proves, Yet Again, That He’s Slimy

Mike Huckabee announced today that he’s pulling a negative ad designed to go after Mitt Romney, saying:

Mr. Huckabee, with his wife standing silently off to the side, said that the “conventional wisdom” was that when you are attacked, you attack back. But, he said, an hour before the press conference, which was scheduled for noon, he just decided not to go that route.

“It’s not worth it,” he said.

Polls regularly show that Iowa voters do not reward candidates who go negative, and perhaps Mr. Huckabee saw some of those polls. “The people of Iowa deserve better,” he said.

Huckabee then proceeded to play the ad for a room packed wall-to-wall with reporters (including Russert) with cameras rolling. Mark Halperin has the video.

Huckabee is so full of crap I can smell him from here. His strategy was obvious and simple: Announce you’re pulling the ad at the last minute to show how nice and moral a person you are, then show it to a crowd of cameras and reporters so the content gets seen and talked about anyway. He may not know about the NIE, AIDS, immigration, foreign policy, or anything actually, ya know, important, but he definitely has the “slimy” part down pat.

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