John Murtha’s Opponent Tossed Off Ballot

Dirty Politics. That is a common practice by Democratic Candidates. Hillary Clinton is now using a tactic the press calls the “Kitchen Sink Strategy” because in her desperation of trying to stop the rise of Barack Hussein Obama, it seems like she is throwing everything at him but the kitchen sink.

John Murtha is another cheating, lying, unscrupulous politician that will do anything in his power to ensure his 34 year reign in the United States Congress continues.

John Murtha’s years in Congress have been spotted with scandals. In 1980 Murtha became embroiled in the Abscam investigation. He was videotaped participating in unethical activities, but ultimately was never indicted or charged. He agreed to testify against Frank Thompson (D-NJ) and John Murphy (D-NY), the two Congressmen mentioned as participants in the scandal, who were videotaped placing cash bribes in their trousers. The FBI videotaped Murtha responding to an offer of $50,000, with Murtha saying, “I’m not interested… at this point. If we do business for a while, maybe I’ll be interested, maybe I won’t.” After that Murtha offered to provide names of businesses and banks in his district where money could be invested legally. The U.S. Attorneys Office was of the opinion that Murtha’s intentions were to obtain investment in his district. Yeah, right. Like I believe that.

When it came to America’s entrance into the Battlefield in Iraq, Murtha voted in support for the October 2002 resolution authorizing the use of force against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. In early 2005 Murtha argued against the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq saying, “A premature withdrawal of our troops based on a political timetable could rapidly devolve into a civil war which would leave America’s foreign policy in disarray as countries question not only America’s judgment but also its perseverance.”

Then, suddenly in late 2005 he changed his tune and said, “The U.S. cannot accomplish anything further in Iraq militarily. It is time to bring them home.” He later indicated that he was calling for redeployment as opposed to a withdrawal to appease critics. I think he realized the rest of the lefties in the Democratic Party was believing that, and changed his tune so that he could be in goose-step right beside them.

He has also said that terrorists desire an American military presence in Iraq, proclaiming, “I think they’re trying to get this administration to stay. I think they want us there. Because we have united the Iraqis against us. We’re spending all this money and diverting our resources away from the war on terrorism because we’re involved in a civil war in Iraq.”

After Karl Rove stated in response to Murtha’s withdrawal statement, “After the United States cuts and runs from Iraq, what country in the Middle East would take us?” Murtha was asked by Tim Russert to respond. He said, “We can go to Okinawa. We can redeploy there almost instantly.” Recently, however, even John Murtha has reluctantly admitted the troop surge in Iraq is working.

Then, after the Haditha Marines incident in November, 2005, of which nearly all of the Marines involved have been acquitted because the evidence does not jive with the Media’s telling of the incident, and no wrong doing has been proven, Murtha said about our U.S. Marines in Iraq, “. . .they killed innocent civilians in cold blood. . .”

Murtha’s “Cold Blooded Killers” remark sparked anger and rage among Republicans and Conservatives alike. William Russell has demanded John Murtha apologize for the remark. An apology has not been issued yet.

Now, Murtha is up to his dirty politics again, but now it is beyond comparison. In a court battle, Murtha has arranged to have his only opponent tossed off the ballot. This leaves no other Republicans to battle against Murtha, giving him a free path right back into the United States Congress.

Fellow Conservative Blogger, I ask that you rally behind William Russell. Blog about this unethical move by Murtha. Expose John Murtha as the coward he is, and let folks know what’s going on. I urge that we begin a national effort to get Russell back on the ballot! We cannot vote in his district, but we can spread the word to have folks contribute to his campaign so that he has the funds to contact voters, and have them place him back on the ballot by writing Russell in on the April 22 primary ballot.

Go to to learn more about this candidate, and to help him back on the ballot so that he can win.

Note: On last night’s show Atlas Shrugs joined me as my guest, and when I told her of this situation, she was appalled at John Murtha’s tactics, and also vowed to get behind William Russell in his campaign to beat John Murtha. Join Atlas Shrugs and Political Pistachio as we build this effort to beat Murtha, and put an Iraq War Veteran in Congress!

Douglas Gibbs

Site owner of and A Right Angle in a Left Turn World ( here to guest blog for my good friend at American Pundit.

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