MSM Agrees: Conservatives Circulated “Whitey” Rumor

Apparently in the spirit of bringing the Democratic Party together, much of the MSM has decided that the blame for the “whitey” rumor rests squarely in the hands of conservative bloggers. Ignoring the fact that the rumor’s pusher was pro-Clinton blogger Larry Johnson, the NYT becomes the latest outlet to claim conservative blogs are to blame.

But the final straw for Mr. Obama, his aides said, was the story circulating on conservative blogs that a video existed showing Mrs. Obama making a racially tinged speech at their former church, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

Mr. Obama was visibly irritated by the rumor when a reporter asked him about it last week.

See, that’s funny because I remember bloggers like Ace, Allahpundit, and Jim Geraghty being skeptical of Johnson’s claims and the last even attempting to debunk it.

As Ace would say, the Deciders have decided.

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