Obama Goes Negative…Again

Barack Obama released another (rather pitiful) ad today, the first half of which he spends attacking John McCain. This isn’t the first time Obama’s used an ad to attack his opponent while decrying McCain for doing the same. The Messiah’s campaign released an ad along the same lines as far back as the first week in July.

John McCain. He’s been in Washington for 26 years. And as gas prices soared and dependence on oil exploded, McCain was voting against alternative energy, against higher mileage standards.

Barack Obama. He’ll make energy independence an urgent national priority, raise mileage standards, fast-track technology for alternative fuels. A thousand dollar tax cut to help families as we break the grip of foreign oil. A real plan, and new energy.

Obama points out that it could take time for McCain’s proposal to take effect at your local station (a debatable point), but what does Obama propose to lower gas prices? He supports a one-time rebate for Americans that won’t do crap to ease the price of oil futures, and says he supporters a fast-track for alternative technology. As FactCheck.org asked, what fast-track?

Obama released a national ad saying he would “fast-track alternatives” to imported oil. On closer examination, his proposal is to spend $150 billion over the coming decade on energy research. Ten years doesn’t sound all that “fast” to us, and there’s no guarantee that the research will result in less oil being imported.

So his “fast-track” amounts to spending over $150 billion in the hopes we’ll find something within the next 10 years. And even if we find new technology, how many Americans will be able to implement it within a few years after that?

So then what’s Obama’s issue with drilling that could lower prices immediately and we’d pump into our cars within a few years?


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