Obama Campaign Issues Debate Talking Points to Media

In which Matt Drudge discovers that the campaign-issued talking points oddly reflect the exact same rhetoric that much of the media has been using in the race. I thoroughly doubt that the Obama campaign crafted its talking points around what the media’s already been saying, so we can assume that our so-called “journalists” are even more in the tank than we assumed. Some sample talking points:

  • “This is John McCain’s last chance to turn this race around and somehow convince the American people that his erratic response to this economic crisis doesn’t disqualify him from being President.”
  • “Just this weekend the weekend, John McCain vowed to “whip Obama’s you-know-what” at the debate, and he’s indicated that he’ll be bringing up Bill Ayers to try to distract voters.”
  • “Obama has shown steady leadership during this crisis and offered concrete solutions to move the country forward – and his Rescue Plan for the Middle Class builds on the plans to strengthen the economy and rebuild the middle class that he’s laid out over the course of this campaign. “
  • “John McCain has been erratic and unsteady since this crisis began – staggering from position to position and trying to change the subject away from the economy by launching false character attacks. “

Now see how many times the talking heads bring up during tonight’s analysis McCain’s “erratic” behavior; say that this is his last chance to turn the race around and how he didn’t succeed (regardless of whether he did or didn’t); point out Obama’s supposed steady leadership; and talk about the “whip Obama’s you-know-what” remark. You’ll likely lose count.

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