Caroline Kennedy Sounds Like, You Know, an Airhead

She used the phrase “you know” no fewer than 142 times in her New York Times interview — a fact the media has been (surprisingly) all-too quick to point out. Cuffy Meigs finds the phrase used 30 times in this two-minute video alone:

Meanwhile, Michael Goodwin of the Daily News acknowledges what many have been saying since Kennedy’s name was first mentioned for the slot: She’s not ready for nor does she deserve a seat in the U.S. Senate.

That truth is that Kennedy is not ready for the job and doesn’t deserve it. Somebody who loves her should tell her.

Her quest is becoming a cringe-inducing experience, as painful to watch as it must be to endure. Because she is the only survivor of that dreamy time nearly 50 years ago, she remains an iconic figure. But in the last few days, her mini-campaign has proved she has little to offer New Yorkers except her name…

Even the one job she had in public life has come into question. Apparently on the basis of a chance meeting with New York’s schools chancellor at a party on Martha’s Vineyard, she signed on as a part-time fund-raiser. How much she raised and how much she worked have been challenged, but no matter. The point is that this self-described advocate for the public schools did not send her children to them.


Limousine liberals are a dime a dozen, and carpetbaggers are nothing new in New York. And with the social scene constantly churning out the old for the next new thing, there’s no reason middle-aged dilettantes can’t also try their hand at politics.

They just can’t start in the Senate.

Her chances of being New York’s next Junior Senator dwindle by the hour. Good. Without her name she wouldn’t even be considered for the seat, much less be a frontrunner. There are many qualified New Yorkers that can take Clinton’s place. Caroline Kennedy isn’t one of them.

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