Colorado Governor Bill Ritter Refuses to Endorse Cap-and-Trade

Apparently Colorado is having enough problems without the job-killing legislation being pushed by liberal Democrats in Washington. Oh, and did I mention that Ritter happens to be a Democrat? Yeah:

Inhofe: …are you here supporting Waxman-Markey today?

(Insignificant exchange)

Ritter: Here’s what I support. I support a national energy policy that is married to a national climate policy. It gets at these goals that we have for greenhouse gas reductions. And I believe that if you do that, that there will be some vehicle that looks not exactly like Waxman-Markey, particularly after the Senate finishes its work, but I very much support climate legislation that is joined with a national energy policy to get us to the greenhouse gas emission reduction goals that are set for 2050.

That’s basically a whole bunch of language to avoid the question, meaning he refuses to endorse Waxman-Markey (aka. cap-and-trade). And that would make Ritter the second Democratic governor, the first being Dave Freudenthal of Wyoming, to back away from the flagship legislation of the Obama environmental agenda.

The governors recognize how disastrous cap-and-trade would be for their already-struggling states. It places higher costs on businesses, kills even more jobs, sends gas prices skyrocketing, and raises the electric bill for your average American. It’s easy to be a liberal Democrat in Washington advocating such a move, but less so for those Democrats back home in the states and accountable to moderate or conservative constituents. They have voters to which they must answer.

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