House Liberal: Except for a few financial problems, Medicare works great!

It’s Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), who — to his credit — did actually bother holding a town hall with his constituents. He won’t end up listening to what they want him to do, but even pretending to listen is more than some Democrats are willing to do.

The man is either lying or terribly ignorant. Medicare has over $36 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Yes, trillion. And that’s just for the next 25 years. It’s not conservative spin, that’s the number listed in the official 2008 Financial Report of the United States Government. Does Mr. Weiner consider that one of his seemingly minor financial problems with the system? Seems pretty fundamental to me.

Weiner also lies by saying that ObamaCare opponents are misleading seniors by saying that ObamaCare will partially be funded by gutting the Medicare system. They’re not misleading seniors, the House version of the bill actually cuts funds from Medicare in order to fund ObamaCare.

On the House side, Democrats introduced a $1 trillion bill Tuesday they say would expand insurance coverage to 97 percent of legal U.S. residents. The House bill would be paid for by roughly $500 billion in Medicare and Medicaid cuts and $544 billion in new taxes on high-income earners.

I can’t speak for whether Medicare users love the system, but Ed Morrissey at Hot Air can.

At best, it’s tolerable, made so only by Medicare Advantage, which allows its consumers to buy supplemental insurance for broader coverage, better choice of providers, and a wider range of services. Guess what Obama, Weiner, and the rest of the liberals in Congress want to cut to pay for their “reform”? Medicare Advantage, a program demonized by Obama at every opportunity.

And I say that as the spouse of a Medicare consumer. If Weiner’s been within a hundred miles of a Medicare EOB, I’d eat my hat.

Weiner, much like his fellow Congressional libs, lives his own little world of Washington. He probably thinks the Department of Motor Vehicles is a shining example of efficiency, too.

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