Michael Yon Arrested by Border Guards in Seattle

No word on exactly who put him in handcuffs, but Yon writes that port authority later came and “rescued me from the border bullies”.

Why was he being arrested in the first place? Because he peacefully, by the admission of the arresting officers, refused to give up information on his personal income. Apparently he didn’t feel that an American citizen with no previous ties to terrorists or terror-related activity needed to disclose his personal income details to bureaucrats at the American border.

So he was arrested for refusing to divulge personal information that had nothing to do with national security. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is cleared by the federal government to enter the United States with high explosives in his underwear and a terror track record, but independent American war journalists are arrested for refusing to disclose unrelated personal information.

Congratulations, Homeland Security. You’ve caught an award-winning war correspondent and former member of the United States Special Forces. If only you could have caught the Nigerian whose father warned he was a threat to American national security. Smell that? It’s the system working.

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