SEIU Chief: ObamaCare Opponents Are “Terrorists”

Andy Stern, head of the powerful far-left labor union SEIU, known for its harsh and even violent efforts to implement its political agenda, has called opponents of the Senate health care reform legislation “terrorists”.

Senators who won’t pass ObamaCare are “terrorists,” the leader of America’s most powerful labor union said yesterday as Senate Democrats’ supermajority death watch entered its second week.

Democrats’ soon-to-evaporate filibuster-proof supermajority of 60 in the Senate was “a gift from the American people” that has been “squandered” by failing to enact so-called healthcare reform, said Service Employees International Union president Andrew Stern. Stern is President Obama’s closest ally in the labor movement and his union would benefit disproportionately from the enactment of Big Government healthcare. He practically lives in the White House, according to official visitor logs, but refuses to register as a lobbyist.

SEIU is one of the most powerful forces in Washington, bossing around Congressional and even White House Democrats like they’re on the payroll. Mostly because they are.

The SEIU funds Democratic politicians and liberal causes, in addition to sending members to bully opponents and stage — too often violent — protests. The union was a major force in elected Barack Obama and his allies in Congress. Obama, in turn, has heaped praise on the union for its work.

Stern is pissed because some Senate Democrats have become more afraid of voter anger than his own power structure. And while they still tend to bow to his whims on most issues, health care reform isn’t terribly popular at the moment. So there are several members of the Senate who, unusually, aren’t responding to his finger snaps.

Which has him angry and calling opponents of the government take-over of health care “terrorists”. Then there’s this:

Employing tortured logic, Stern and other prominent leftists believe Brown’s defeat of Democrat Martha Coakley, who at one point led her GOP opponent by 30 percentage points in the polls, occurred only because Democrats hadn’t tacked far enough to port.

In her purple business suit, SEIU secretary-treasurer Anna Burger weighed in. “Everybody was shaken by Massachusetts but the reality is Massachusetts didn’t vote against healthcare; they already had healthcare.”…

“I think they paid a price up in Massachusetts and they’ll continue to pay a price” if they don’t pass ObamaCare, said Stern without explaining to whom “they” refers.

Which is funny, because Brown spent his campaign telling everyone who would listen that he’d vote against the SEIU-backed health care legislation. End result? He was elected by a comfortable margin in one of the nation’s bluest states. Even Massachusetts voters don’t want this legislation. Are they terrorists, too?

“We should send the national security people over and explain to them why we don’t negotiate with terrorists,” Stern said. “There are a lot of terrorists in the Senate who think we’re supposed to negotiate with them when they have their particular needs that they want met.”

Stern’s obvious and ridiculous hyperbole aside, does he now oppose negotiating with terrorists? Will he come out against sitting down for talks with, say, Iran? The Islamic Republic is recognized the world-over as a state-sponsor of terrorism. Its leaders regularly punish or kill dissidents. Does Stern oppose such negotiations?

Unlikely. He’s a far-leftist with an agenda to match. Which would mean Obama should negotiate with Iran and North Korea but not his own party members when they come out against his agenda.

Stern and his allies are living in la-la land. Or they’re lying. Nobody residing in reality or telling the truth can look at the electoral projections for November, in addition to the losses in Massachusetts and New Jersey, and conclude that Americans just can’t get enough government in their lives.

Americans are sick of overreaching bureaucrats and corrupt politicians. And the party in control, as well as its powerful allies like SEIU, are going to pay a political price come November. Andy Stern’s recommendations only speed up the car going off a cliff.

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