Zahi Hawass: Anti-Semite

If you’ve never heard of Zahi Hawass, don’t worry. Neither have most people.

Here’s a quick primer: He’s general secretary of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities. He’s also on National Geographic, History Channel, and Discovery Channel whenever the show involves anything historic in Egypt. I believe he was even involved in the Tutankhamun tour a few years back.

What recently got me searching his name again was the premier of Chasing Mummies — a new History Channel series that supposedly follows college interns around as they’re mentored by Hawass. The series is crap, with Hawass coming across as a douchebag who unnecessarily yells at everyone. Graves that supposedly haven’t been opened in thousands of years conveniently have camera crews waiting inside for the first re-opening.

Long story short, my search for more information on the series (like, “Are we supposed to believe this crap is real?”) brought me to this article. The author, Devin D. O’Leary, basically expresses the same views I hold about the new series. But then he links to this. Apparently Hawass is antisemitic. Very, very antisemitic.

Zahi Hawass: “For 18 centuries, [the Jews] were dispersed throughout the world. They went to America and took control of its economy. They have a plan. Although they are few in number, they control the entire world.”

Interviewer: “Dr. Hawass, you are a great historian and archaeologist. I would like to figure out the mystery of how 15 million people, 5 or 6 million of whom do not share this vile Jewish logic… With regard to Israel and Zionism – we are talking about 7 or 8 million. How is it possible that these 7 or 8 million have taken control of the entire world, and have convinced the world of their cause, while we, over one billion Muslims, cannot convince the world of our cause? How would you explain this from a historical perspective?”

Zahi Hawass: “The reason is that they are always united over a single view. They always move together, even if in the wrong direction. We, on the other hand, are divided. If even two Arab countries could be in agreement, our voice would be stronger. Look at the control they have over America and the media.”

Interviewer: “So in your opinion, the secret lies in unity?”

Zahi Hawass: “Yes. It was unity that gave them this power…”

Interviewer: “You mean from a historical perspective?”

Zahi Hawass: “Of course.”

Then there was this from another interview in Arab media:

“The concept of killing women, children and elderly people… seems to run in the blood of the Jews of Palestine” and that “the only thing that the Jews have learned from history is methods of tyranny and torment – so much so that they have become artists in this field.”

There’s more at the third link, but you get the idea. He’s not just a conspiracy theorist, he’s a raving antisemitic conspiracy theorist. He thinks Jews control the world, run the economy, and love to kill children. He’s a whackjob.

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