Major Natural Gas Explosion Devastates California Neighborhood

by SunnyRight on September 10, 2010

Apparently there are dozens of homes on fire, multiple reports of injuries, and other reports of at least one death.

SAN FRANCISCO (BNO NEWS) — A massive natural gas explosion rocked a neighborhood in the city of San Bruno in central California on early Thursday evening, injuring at least seven people, officials said.

A large fireball was seen by numerous witnesses around 6 p.m. PDT, setting at least 20 homes on fire. Officials said the blaze was caused by a natural gas explosion, not a passenger plane crash as initially feared as the scene is close to San Francisco International Airport…

Scores of emergency responders were on the scene of the disaster to battle the huge blaze, but few details were immediately available on casualties. A spokeswoman for Peninsula Medical Center in Burlingame, several miles from the scene, told BNO News that five people with minor injuries arrived at the hospital by themselves.

A spokeswoman for San Francisco General Hospital in San Francisco said one person was in a critical condition at the hospital, and said another victim was en-route to the facility.

As I write this, Michael Van Poppel of BNO News reports that firefighters are responding to individuals trapped in a house.

Update: Twenty injured and one dead thus far.

I’m watching the live video feed from ABC7. Absolutely horrible; there’s just fire and destruction everywhere. Red Cross shelters have seen at least 100 people show up. I can’t even imagine how many homes are just…destroyed. Or how many people and their pets have died.

The picture above is just a small fragment of the scene. More here. Meanwhile, two people have supposedly been found dead — including one found on a sidewalk. More than 300 firefighters continue to battle the fires, some flames reaching 80 feet in the air.

Update X2: The FBI has confirmed that the Joint Terrorism Task Force has arrived on the scene, supposedly out of caution more than a belief that the explosion had anything to do with terrorism.

Latest count, via Poppel, is 2 dead and 22 injured. At least five individuals in critical condition.

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