Hickenlooper Calls Rural Voters “Backwards”

John Hickenlooper, Democratic nominee for governor in Colorado, doesn’t think much of his potential constituents. Or at least of those who live in rural areas.

In a radio interview uncovered today, Hickenlooper reveals his belief that people living in rural areas are “backwards thinking” hicks who were responsible for murdering Matthew Shepard.

Hickenlooper: I think a couple things, I mean, you know, the tragic death of Matthew Shepard occurred in Wyoming. Colorado and Wyoming are very similar. We have some of the same, you know, backwards thinking in the kind of rural Western areas you see in, you know, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico.

Lane: We’re neighbors.

Hickenlooper: Right. And in a sense we’re all a community. And, at the same time, Denver has, I think, one of the more robust, politically active gay and lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered communities, really in the United States.

So if you live in Denver and support the gay community, you’re just fine in the mind of John Hickenlooper. But if you live in rural areas, regardless of your views on the gay community, you’re a “backwards thinking” hick who murdered Matthew Shepard.

Hickenlooper has a serious problem here. Obama had a similar moment in 2008 but had the left-wing media to cover it up for him. Besides, the electorate cared very little just so long as the word “Republican” wasn’t next to his name. Hickenlooper has no such luck, with an unfriendly electorate and media that isn’t too dedicated to his victory.

Via Hot Air.

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