Obama Proposes Cutting $400 Billion from National Defense

He may be unwilling to reform welfare or give up funding for extreme left-wing causes, but President Barack Obama has no problem cutting hundreds of billions of dollars from national defense appropriations.

President Obama on Wednesday announced $400 billion in defense cuts between now and 2023. But in reality, defense budgets have already been cut, are being cut now, and will be cut even further in the future. And it’s happening at the expense of national security.

He specifically referenced $400 billion in defense “savings” found to date by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates as the effort he’d like to copy and apply to deficit reduction. Of this money identified by Secretary Gates, only $100 billion is technically considered “savings” resulting from efficiency initiatives and reforms at the Pentagon. The remaining $300 billion in defense cuts the President would like to emulate resulted from significant cuts through the cancelation or delaying of over 50 major weapons programs.

Someone explain Obama’s logic to me: It’s absolutely crucial to preserve funding for welfare programs, but it’s not crucial to develop new weapons and technology to defend ourselves in an increasingly hostile world? It makes no sense. And his shaky logic places our national security at risk.

This administration has already killed a search and rescue helicopter program, funding for the most advanced fighter jet in the world (the F-22 Raptor), future Army combat systems, the multiple-kill vehicle for missile defense, and other advanced programs considered crucial to American national security.

Now the administration is considering ending the military’s wide-body cargo aircraft (C-17), canceling development of the Navy’s cruiser, ending satellite programs, and killing the new expeditionary fighting vehicle for the Marine Corps.

All while expanding welfare programs, funneling money to abortion-on-demand providers, creating slush funds for left-wing special interest groups, and overall quadrupling the national deficit. Plus the addition of trillions of dollars to the national debt.

The current administration is gutting our military while ratcheting up funding for controversial pet projects that leave Americans with even more unfunded liabilities and place the country on an even more fiscally disastrous path.

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