Obama’s Latest Tax Cheat: Attorney General Eric Holder

Today, Attorney General Eric Holder becomes the latest member of the Obama Administration to have tax problems. It turns out that he didn’t feel the need to pay the same taxes everyone else pays when they inherit property. In fact, he only paid the taxes owed when the cheating came to light:

US Attorney General Eric Holder and his brother failed to pay the property taxes on their childhood home in Queens, which they inherited last August after their mother died, The Post has learned.

And because their ailing mom, Miriam, was already behind on two quarterly tax bills when she succumbed to illness on Aug. 13, the charges went unpaid for more than a year — growing to $4,146.

It wasn’t until The Post confronted Holder last week about the delinquency that he and younger brother William Holder finally paid up Friday, including $73.14 in interest.

The Obama Administration likes to preach to Americans about everyone paying his or her fair share of taxes. In fact, the administration’s argument for suppressing economic growth by raising taxes on businessmen and investors is that the “rich” doesn’t pay its fair share. (Absolute B.S., by the way.) Perhaps high-ranking members of the same administration should get their own tax-paying houses in order before throwing stones at others.

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