Carbonite’s CEO an Obama Donor

When Rush Limbaugh called a left-wing activist a slut, and then soon apologized, online backup company Carbonite was outraged. So much so that the CEO himself issued a statement condemning the language and announcing that the company would no longer sponsor Limbaugh. After all, Carbonite won’t stand for that language.

Unless it’s used by a left-winger.

Talk radio and MSNBC host Ed Schultz back in May of last year referred to conservative activist and talker Laura Ingraham as a “right-wing slut”. Carbonite’s response? Crickets. Silence. They sponsor Schultz to this day. And now we may know why.

Tommy at The Right Sphere did a search and stumbled upon federal records showing that the CEO of Carbonite, David Friend, is a big Obama donor. In fact, he’s given more than $6,000 to the Obama campaign. And it wasn’t just last time around, either. He’s a supporter of Obama in this cycle, too.

So here’s what we have. Obama decided to launch an offensive against religious freedom by mandating contraception coverage. A 30-year-old left-wing activist at a prestigious law school testifies that birth control, which goes for about $9 generic per month, costs her $3,000 per year.

Limbaugh responds using language Carbonite has been fine with other, left-wing hosts using. And Carbonite’s CEO, an Obama donor, issues a statement of outrage!, publicly slamming Limbaugh — who threatens the Obama narrative every day — and prominently announcing that they’re so outraged! that they’ll no longer sponsor Limbaugh’s show.

Lefties then get to tout that a big sponsor pulled its money from Limbaugh, playing up an incident that on its own would get attention for one or two days. Never mind that the sponsor is a company led by an Obama donor and the outrage is over an initiative launched by Obama as an election year stunt.

Good times. Good times.

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