Good News: Biden Now Making Big Penis Jokes About Obama

As our friend Allahpundit would say, it’s come to this.

“Speak softy and carry a big stick,” Joe Biden said, looking stoic in front of eight American flags, “And I promise you, the president has a big stick. I promise you.” The audience doubled over in laughter. Had the VP just made a dick joke? Was it in the script? Or was he ad-libbing and just oblivious? No one knew and no one cared—our fave running mate was on a tear again, and no one was gonna stop him.

Imagine a Republican making a “big stick” joke about Obama. The media would have a nuclear-grade fit, charging Republicans with using black stereotypes to attack the president.

But Joe Biden does it and we’re supposed to think it’s cute and harmless. Because he’s a freaking moron. And yet they’re okay with an acknowledged freaking moron being one heartbeat from the presidency.

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