Will Harry Reid abandon the Second Amendment?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is from a pretty libertarian state – the home of Las Vegas, the famous Bunny Ranch, and plenty of guns. Subsequently every six years he runs for reelect as a supporter of the Second Amendment. And truth be told, he hasn’t been horrible on the issue — at least not compared to his fellow Democrats.

On his website, Reid brags about defending the Second Amendment — and not just for hunting or sport shooting as Democrats like to qualify.

Reid is also a strong defender of Nevadans’ Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. He has fought to protect gun manufacturers and sellers from junk lawsuits, oppose limits on gun ownership and preserve law-abiding Nevadans’ Second Amendment rights. Reid knows Nevadans cherish their constitutional right to bear arms will continue to be a powerful voice in the Senate on their behalf.

Back in 2004, Reid opposed the extension of the Assault Weapons Ban, which – as he noted – had failed to curb gun violence. His campaign website still claims:

Harry Reid is also staunchly opposed to the so-called assault weapons ban…

“Staunchly opposed”.

But now Barack Obama is pushing for a new round of gun-grabbing laws, and anti-gun Democrats are using everything in their toolbox to ram anti-Second Amendment legislation through Congress.

The question becomes: Will Harry Reid, as top Senate Democrat, fold? Will he abandon his years of promises to support and defend the Second Amendment?

So far he’s rather non-committal, talking in general terms about examining proposals. Voters in Nevada should be watching closely.

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