Gawker Finds New, Insanely Stupid Thing to Be Offended By

Stupid on so many levels.

The House Republicans are holding their annual winter retreat in quaint tourist village Williamsburg, Virginia, this weekend in order to recuperate and prepare for upcoming legislative battles. Besides partaking in discussions about the debt ceiling and gun restrictions, GOP congressmen and women will also be getting schooled in the fine art of how to have “successful communication with minorities and women.”…

And what better place to talk about making inroads with oppressed groups than in a room named after a famous Williamsburg plantation, located in the tony Kingsmill Resort, which itself is on the site of another plantation? The GOP has heard your complaints, blacks and Latinos and women, and they’re going to try to suss it out while sitting atop dead slave bones.

God forbid. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere near something named for dead slave owners, or really anything to do with the evils of slavery.

Perhaps next year the GOP can host its annual summit at the Jefferson Memorial. Which would be really convenient, seeing as how it’s within the city limits of the nation’s capital…Washington, D.C..

It can be their own little version of the Jefferson-Jackson dinner held every year by the Democratic Party.

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