New York Forgets to Exempt Police from Its New Gun Guntrol Laws

by SunnyRight on January 17, 2013

This is what happens when the DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! mentality is allowed to prevail over reason and facts.

So here’s the thing:

New York’s new gun-grabbing laws prohibit magazine capacity over 7 rounds. Normally police, who in New York tend to carry weapons with about a 15-round capacity, are exempt. But the gun-grabbers were in such a rush to, well, grab guns…that they forgot to exempt the police.

So for now police carrying 15-round magazines are breaking the law.

The embarrassed legislators are promising an amendment, but this only goes to demonstrate the danger of rushing to do something, no matter its virtues or weaknesses, in the name of political gain. Would relying on facts and reason be too much to ask? Apparently for the gun-grabbers.

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