The myth of naturally conservative Hispanics

One of the pervasive myths on the political right is that Latinos are naturally conservative. That if only the issue of immigration were removed from the table Latinos would flock to conservatism. After all, they’re broadly Catholic and religious. Natural social conservatives, right?


Exit polls from last November showed nearly 6 in 10 Latinos supporting legal recognition of gay marriage. Less than one-third of Latino voters held the traditional Catholic view of marriage: The union of one man and one woman. So they’re not conservative on gay marriage.

Let’s look at abortion. According to a new poll out today, a majority of Americans now favor complete or nearly-complete legalization of abortion. The pollster says the pro-abortion movement has been driven in large party by African-Americans…and Latinos. Exit polls showed two-thirds of Latinos supporting legal abortion.

But hey, what about gun rights? That’s an issue in the news these days. Polls show only 29% of Latinos favor gun rights over gun control. “Latinos tend to favor gun control more than other groups”.

Taxes? 77% of Hispanics want taxes raised on the “rich” to pay for bigger government.

There’s a reason Hispanics voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, and it has nothing to do with immigration. Hispanics disagree with Republicans on immigration, abortion, gay marriage, economic issues, gun rights…just about every major issue. Hispanics aren’t naturally conservative. If anything, they’re naturally liberal.

Can things change? Of course. The job of political movements is to convince people — to win them over to our side. But to start we need to drop this myth that if only we grant amnesty suddenly Hispanics will love us and vote for our candidate. It’s complete bunk.

We need to convince Hispanics to favor individual liberty and empowerment over collectivism and the cradle-to-grave welfare state. We need to convey that the Second Amendment is what guarantees all the other rights found in the Bill of Rights. We have a lot of work ahead of us. And we need to start by having a clear picture of the problem we face.