Are Feds Buying Large Amounts of Ammo to Cause Shortages?

The Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Investigation, ATF — these federal agencies buying large amounts of ammunition wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. It’s kinda necessary for them to carry out their functions.

But why are the Department of Education and Social Security Administration stockpiling? What does the Department of Education need with large amounts of ammunition?

One theory: The federal government is trying to cause shortages in availability for the general public. In short, gun control by other means.

Lest you peg me a Black Copter Contrail paranoiac, it’s pretty obvious (especially to anybody who has experienced ammo shortages at the local gun shop) what’s going on here: gun control by other means. Federally-licensed ammunition manufacturers are required by law to give priority to government purchases, ostensibly to keep military and law enforcement agencies stocked. When they have to fill a fed order of, say, a couple billion rounds, it’s not surprising to see empty shelves at Gunz ‘R’ Us.

Use taxpayer money to limit the public’s access to ammunition by buying up all available inventory through a slew of federal agencies. Like, for instance, the Department of Education. Or the Social Security Administration, which has suddenly seen the need to stockpile 174,000 rounds.