IRS Employee Suspended for Telling Taxpayers to Vote for Obama

No politicization problem at the Internal Revenue Service at all. No sir, hardly any in sight.

In June 2014, OSC entered into a settlement agreement with an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employee who agreed to a 100-day unpaid suspension for violating the Hatch Act. The agreement resolves a formal Hatch Act complaint that OSC filed with the Board in April 2014. OSC’s complaint alleged that, when fielding taxpayers’ questions on an IRS customer service help line, the employee repeatedly urged taxpayers to reelect President Obama in 2012 by delivering a chant based on the spelling of the employee’s last name. In the settlement agreement resolving the complaint, the IRS employee acknowledged that he had used his authority and influence as an IRS customer service representative for a political purpose and did so while at work

The employee apparently wasn’t high-level enough to enjoy a convenient computer crash that would wipe out all incriminating records of his illegal actions.

Question: Why isn’t this a firing offense? Why just a suspension?

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