MSNBC Parent Company Has Given Democrats $1.1 Million in 2010 Cycle

While leftists hyperventilate over the donation from News Corp, the parent company of FOX News, to the Republican Governor’s Association, let’s keep one reality in mind: News Corp is hardly alone in its political financial patronage.

According to records filed with the Federal Elections Commission, General Electric — the parent company of MSNBC — has donated more than $1.1 million to Democrats during the 2010 election cycle. In fact, more than 60% of political donations from the corporate giant have gone to leftist candidates. That figure is similar to the 2008 cycle, when General Electric gave 64% of political donations to Democrats.

Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, has also been politically active. According to filings, the company has donated $536,000 to Democrats during the 2010 election cycle. That represents 85% of all political donations from the company. During the 2008 cycle, Turner gave more than $2.3 million to Democrats, or 81% of all donations from the company.

Personally, I’d prefer news companies staying out of politics entirely. But let’s not hyperventilate when the parent company of FOX News decides to financially back one side over another. As demonstrated above, other parent companies do the same thing.