Terry Funderburk and Illegal Immigration

Terry Funderburk is a businessman. His business is in the construction industry in Columbia, South Carolina. He runs an honest business and is proud of it. According to Terry, however, his business is being put out of business because of companies hiring illegal aliens to do the same kind of work at “slave wages.”

Mad as hell, he decided to do something about it!

As American Citizens, we do what we can to make a living, and the government is unwilling to enforce the laws on the books when it comes to an invasion from the south, or to stop invaders from any point of the border as a national security issue, for that matter, which in the long run puts us at risk in so many ways. Heck, certain members of the government even complains that the oil companies are making too much money! Do you know where that profit goes? Stock holders. Folks like you and me investing in stocks so that they can have some kind of retirement since the government has squandered Social Security. Now, folks like Terry can’t make ends meet because the government refuses to enforce the laws on the books.

Do we blame Terry Funderburk for being angry?

Terry is the new image of the American Worker. He took a stand, and was arrested for it. This is no longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. This current system is favoring those that are not even citizens with preferential treatment.

Terry says: “It is time to get angry, fellow Americans, it is time to get out of your homes and start setting things right again. It is time to vote out all of the bums who are profaning this great nation and to set her right again. It is time to take back our country.”

Terry Funderburk will be my guest on August 15th on Political Pistachio Radio
(Atlas Shrugs will be my guest this coming Saturday!). Tune in live, and call into the show to let your voice be heard! Be angry! Terry is correct! It is time to take back our country.

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Contributed by Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio.