IRS Chief: Buy Health Insurance or Lose Your Tax Refund

Newly-empowered IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman has issued a threat to taxpayers: Purchase government-mandated health care insurance or lose your tax refund.

Shulman notes that the IRS isn’t legally permitted to freeze bank accounts or seize your home, but when pressed he conceded that those citizens who don’t comply with the federal mandate would end up losing their tax refund.

The government-run health care legislation passed by Congress and signed by Barack Obama implements a fine of $325 per person, beginning in 2015, on those who fail to purchase government-mandated insurance. The per person fine increases to $695 the next year.

“The vast majority of American people have a healthy respect for the law and want to be compliant with their tax obligations,” Shulman said, mentioning letters, collection notices and offsets as among the various ways the IRS will reach out to people without coverage.

In other words, the IRS is counting on the vast majority of Americans to comply with an unconstitutional overreaching of authority by Congress. Otherwise, there goes your tax refund. It’s (unconstitutionally) legalized extortion.

The government-run health care legislation provides for the hiring of 16,000 new IRS bureaucrats, so you’re being unconstitutionally extorted through the use of your own money. It’s the ultimate insult.