Obama Silent on Recruitment Center Shooting

When Dr. George Tiller, the infamous late-term abortion doctor, was murdered by a man opposed to abortion, the White House was quick to issue a condemnation from President Obama.

How long did it take our Commander-in-Chief to condemn the murder of a member of the Armed Forces by a man now charged not only with murder but terrorism? Actually, he still hasn’t condemned the latter.

Not a word about the jihadi attack on the two Army recruiters in Arkansas. No condemnation of the heinous attack and senseless violence. No condolences for the families of the targeted men or praise for the military recruiters who have been under increasing attack on U.S. soil. No statements from the DOJ or Pentagon, either.


Funny how Obama is absolutely outraged over the murder of an abortion doctor, yet can’t get worked up over the murder of an American soldier by a terrorist on American soil. It’s almost like he doesn’t consider the latter as tragic as the former.

The White House isn’t the only outlet treating the two murders differently, either. Newsbusters points out that there’s 7,000 references to George Tiller on Google News. Yet there’s just 500 references to William Long, the soldier murdered outside the recruiting center. Funny that.