ObamaCare Cancels Discount Drug Deals for Childrens Hospitals

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Except I don’t believe for a second that Democratic intentions were good when they passed ObamaCare. I’m sure we’ll find there’s a government-based solution Democrats just happen to have on hand to “fix” this problem.

In an unintended consequence of the new health care law, drug companies have begun notifying children’s hospitalsaround the country that they no longer qualify for large discounts on drugs used to treat rare medical conditions.

As a result, prices are going up for these specialized “orphan drugs,” some of which are also used to treat more common conditions.

Over the last 18 years, Congress has required drug manufacturers to provide discounts to a variety of health care providers, including community health centers, AIDS clinics and hospitals that care for large numbers of low-income people.

Several years ago, Congress broadened the program to include children’s hospitals. But this year Congress, in revising the drug discount program as part of the new health care law, blocked these hospitals from continuing to receive price cuts on orphan drugs intended for treatment of diseases affecting fewer than 200,000 people in the United States.

Unintended. Right. Except that rural hospitals, clinics, and community centers are either gaining access to or are continuing to receive access to the discount medication. Democrats somehow remembered to include access for community centers and clinics while they forgot those pesky childrens hospitals.


The Democratic response to this clusterfark? Our bad.

A House Democrat who worked on the health care law said the situation had resulted from “an honest mistake in drafting,” and he added, “No one intended to take away any of the drug discounts that children’s hospitals already had.”

No one intended. And yet that’s exactly what happened. Hundreds of lawyers, thousands of pages of legislation, thousands of eyes, and no one noticed that childrens hospitals were going to be screwed up the arse in order to benefit community centers and clinics.