Good News: China Copying U.S. Drone Designs

A Communist regime that’s tossed around thoughts about collapsing the American economy is suddenly copying down designs of our high-tech military drones. All while we cut military spending in order to fund entitlement programs and bailouts for unions Obama owes for his election.

What could possibly go wrong?

China appears to be modeling three UAVs on the same V-tail configuration of the U.S.-made RQ-4 Global Hawk: the Chengdu Aircraft Corp.’s Xianglong (Sour Dragon) UAV and Yilong UAV, and the Guizhou Aviation Industry Group’s WZ-2000 UAV.

One mystery is why the plethora of UAV models on display at Zhuhai do not go into production, said Andrei Chang, a Chinese military analyst with the Kanwa Information Center in Toronto. China is having difficulty mastering the technical complexity of operating UAVs in real time, he said.

“The companies displaying these are probably trying to elicit foreign investment and probably do not have an actual prototype,” Chang said.

Joshua Keating links to this story from last week, too. Apparently China has been carrying on military exercises to help improve its “long-distance mobility”, utilizing high-speed rail systems to mobilize troops and equipment. Again, while while we cut military spending to fund entitlement programs.