Dumb: John Roberts Goes to Fox News

The top-rated network secures another major hire, although I’m not quite sure how well Roberts will fit in.

As Ed Driscoll reminds us, Roberts while at CNN was a softball questioner for Obama. In fact, he assured then-candidate Obama that CNN would be a “Wright-free zone”. That kept with the left-wing media’s strategy of not pressuring Obama to answer any difficult questions about his past.

And Roberts only joined CNN after leaving CBS News, where he worked under Dan Rather and was even expected to take Rather’s place. That plan blew up when it was revealed that CBS and Rather had lied about the Bush National Guard story, and Rather was forced into an early retirement.

So we have a “journalist” who was at the scene of two of the worst cases of journalistic malpractice, and he’ll be joining Fox News as a national correspondent. I’m not quite sure how that benefits the network in the long-run.