A Note About the Holocaust Museum Shooting

I’m hearing from media outlets, including Fox News, that this attack somehow validates the Department of Homeland Security report that warned of right-wing extremism. The report warned of people focused on a single issue, who supported state rights over federal government expansion, believe in paying lower taxes, and, most outrageously, our nation’s veterans.

First of all, today’s shooting was carried out by a man who hasn’t served in the military for over 60 years. He served alongside millions of Americans during WWII — the overwhelming majority of whom lead peaceful lives as outstanding members of society. To attempt to validate a report warning of veterans in general by pointing to this single loon is just as outrageous as the original report itself.

Second, this guy wasn’t concentrated on a single issue such as abortion, taxes, or state rights. He was antisemitic, anti-government, denied the Holocaust, hated neoconservatives about as much as the Jews, thought Christianity was a “big lie”, thought Hitler’s biggest mistake was supposedly not killing Jews in gas chambers, and served time for entering the Federal Reserve building with weapons. He wasn’t some issue-focused activist who became violent. He was an all-around loon living in his fantasy world with a serious criminal record.

Finally, recent shootings and planned attacks haven’t been carried out exclusively by the right-wing mentioned in the report. Let’s not forget the shooting and murder of Pvt. William Long and the attempt bombings of synagogues in New York City. Both of those incidents involved antisemitic, anti-American Muslim converts who would probably rather die than be associated with anyone on the right-wing.

As one analyst on Fox News stated, we’re at a dangerous junction. Fringe extremists from the left-wing and fringe extremists from the right-wing are attempting to or carrying out independent attacks in our nation’s cities. We need to be cautious of violent extremists from all across the ideological spectrum.

Update: James Von Brunn, the Holocaust Museum shooter, was a 9/11 Truther who thought the incumbent right-wing government killed 3,000 of its own citizens. Kathy Shaidle also reports that Brunn despised President Bush and Senator McCain.