Kathleen Parker Throws Fit, Walks Off Set?

What happened, she ran out of Sarah Palin stories to talk about? Seriously, can’t you picture this drama queen walking off the set in a huff? She’s an attention whore and she’s clearly upstaged by Elliot Spitzer, who really runs the show.

Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker actually stormed off the set of the “Parker Spitzer” show during a pre-taping a few weeks ago — furious that her co-host is continually allowed to take charge of their nightly CNN chat-fest, the insiders said.

Although still fuming, Parker did return to wrap up the segment, they said.

But she’s angry that the show’s producers are allegedly doing nothing to play up her strengths on the ailing show, the sources said.

What “strengths” would those be? I’ve seen the show. She can’t even manage what little she does now. She’s boring. She’s annoying. You end up wondering why she’s there to begin with. I’m not Spitzer fan but he’s far better at his job than she is at hers. The show is just bad. And she’s the worst of two bad hosts on a bad show.