Obama Flip-Flops on Iranian Revolutionary Guards

You have to give Obama credit on at least one thing: He can put Kerry to shame on waffling.

Last September, 76 Senators, a number that included Harry Reid, voted to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a “terrorist” organization. Among the dissenters: Barack Obama. His excuse at the time? That it was saber-rattling.

In October 2007, Obama Described Kyl-Lieberman As A Justification For Attacking Iran. OBAMA: “[The] Bush administration could use the language in Lieberman-Kyl to justify an attack on Iran as a part of the ongoing war in Iraq.” (Sen. Barack Obama, “Five Years After Iraq War Vote, We’re Still Foolishly Rattling Our Sabers,” Manchester Union-Leader, 10/11/07)

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) disagreed, saying that if it was what Obama said it was, he wouldn’t have voted for it.

SEN. DURBIN: “If I thought there was any way [Kyl-Lieberman] could be used as a pretense to launch an invasion of Iran, I would have voted no.” (Julianna Goldman, “Durbin Says Obama Will Win Iowa Caucus; Disagrees On Iran,” Bloomberg, 10/12/07; S.3017, CQ Vote #349: Agreed To, 76-22: R 47-2; D 29-20, 9/26/07, Durbin Voted Yea.)

The Obama campaign further responded, saying the language of the bill said “US military in Iraq should be used to counter Iran”. In fact, Sen. Lieberman had specifically removed that language over that concern:

“Because some of our colleagues thought paragraphs three and four of the Sense of the Senate may have opened the door to some kind of military action against Iran, Senator (Jon) Kyl (R-Ariz) and I have struck them from the amendment. … That is not our intention. In fact, our intention is to increase the economic pressure on Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps so that we will never have to consider the use of the military to stop them from what they are doing to kill our soldiers.” (Jake Tapper, ” The Persian Conundrum,” ABC News, 10/8/07)

Obama’s own website still describes the legislation as “reckless”.

“Obama opposed the Kyl-Lieberman amendment, which says we should use our military presence in Iraq to counter the threat from Iran. Obama believes that it was reckless for Congress to give George Bush any justification to extend the Iraq War or to attack Iran.” (Obama ’08, http://www.barackobama.com, Accessed 6/2/08)

Team Obama again used the false excuse in a statement this week:

“Obama opposed Kyl-Lieberman because its language said the US military in Iraq should be used to counter Iran, while in fact it has strengthened Iran.”

And now that he’s pandering for AIPAC’s votes?

In response, Obama’s campaign suddenly discovered that their man–despite having spent the last nine months campaigning on his opposition to Kyl-Lieberman–”has consistently urged that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard be labeled what it is: a terrorist organization.”