Obama to Woodward: We Can Deal With Another Terror Attack

The Washington Post reports that Barack Obama told investigative journalist Bob Woodward this past July that the United States can deal with another terrorist attack on the scale of the September 11th attacks.

The president also said that, while we’ll act to prevent a similar attack, we’ll do just fine as a nation if we lose another 3,000 countrymen to Islamic terrorism. In fact, Obama told Woodward, the United States is stronger because of the attack.

We can absorb a terrorist attack. We’ll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever… we absorbed it and we are stronger.

At first it sounds like quote about the resiliency of the United States. But Ace sees another meaning, and I’d have to agree based on the history of this administration:

The idea, of course, is that America overreacted to 9/11, and 50,000 people die every year in car crashes, and we don’t freak out about that, do we? No, we accept these as acceptable losses in the bigger picture (that is, we want to drive places) and we take the exchange. We drive, some of us will die. Sound bargain.

That’s the killer notion here — the idea of bargain. Of what is being exchanged for these deaths. In the case of automobile collisions, well, sure, we have mobility and freedom. That’s something.

But the left is pushing this idea that we can safely “absorb” many new 9/11′s with an eye towards getting us to “accept” the greater bargain they fatuously offer — peace, and a general wind-down of post-9/11 security “overreactions” like the FBI tracking Muslims suspected of terrorist ties. If only we didn’t overreact to the occasional mass-murder, we could go about our business without war, without increased security measures, without “Islamophobia,” without the rest of it.

The problem, you see, is primarily within us, those being targeted for murder. If only we understood that this was a good bargain in exchange for living in a multicultural country and global economy, then we could be good citizens of the world and not lash out so terribly and uselessly when some of the more aggressive proponents of multiculturalism blow up a few of our buildings.

Which fits in with Obama’s global apology apology tour and his inability to stop putting down his own country. In fact, we covered that same theme just three posts ago, when Obama decided to distort history to put down the United States in favor of Mexico and the open-borders lobby.

Basically, we can afford to be less aggressive and not worry about pursuing victory in the war on terror because, hey, 9/11 wasn’t so bad. After all, we only lost three thousand people out of three hundred million, and you could even say we came out stronger in the end. Sure we’ll try to prevent attacks, but if we fail? We can take it. We’ll do just fine.

Stephan: I’m not sure I agree with the way Ace and Dalton view the quote. But can you imagine if Bush had said we could deal with another 9/11 attack? The outrage-y outrage would be nuclear.