Union Establishment, Open-Borders Groups Plan Leftist Rally in D.C.

Hoping to copy the success of grassroots conservatives after their highly-attended rallies in the nation’s capital, the union establishment, open-borders groups, and other far-leftist organizations are planning an October 2nd rally in favor of big government and more out-of-control spending.

Predicting a crowd of more than 100,000, some 300 liberal groups — including the N.A.A.C.P., the A.F.L.-C.I.O., the National Council of La Raza and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force — are sponsoring a march on Saturday in the hope of transforming the national conversation so it focuses less on the Tea Party. The groups sponsoring the rally, which is called “One Nation Working Together,” say they hope to supplant what they say is the Tea Party’s divisiveness with a message of unity to promote jobs, justice and education.

“The Tea Party has been getting much more media attention than it deserves, and it’s been saying it represents the voice of middle-class America,” said George Gresham, president of 1199 S.E.I.U., a New York health care union local, who says his union has chartered 500 buses to carry 25,000 union members to the rally. “A lot of us feel we have to get a different voice out there speaking for working people, one respecting the diversity of this country, which the Tea Party does not.”

Oh yes, clearly the union establishment represents the American middle class. That’s why union approval ratings are recorded at historical lows and Americans are rejecting the very same tax-and-spend, big government policies that unions and their allies have advocated. Because Americans are just so gung-ho about unions.

With so many civil rights, labor, religious, student, gay and peace groups sponsoring the march, organizers acknowledge that it was not easy to forge a common platform and message. And sometimes their message has gotten garbled.

No it’s not. All of them, regardless of the individual stances they claim to take, are in favor of bigger government and less individual liberty. That’s the platform that unites them into a small minority of the American population.

Many sponsors say that the rally is not seeking to back President Obama or the Democrats, but rather to hold all of Washington, Democrats and Republicans, accountable for not doing more to fix the nation’s problems. But some sponsors sound unmistakably partisan as they denounce “obstructionism” in the Senate that has blocked larger job-creation programs and other measures. While these sponsors steer clear of mentioning Republicans, their target seems obvious.

Yep. These leftist groups are angry that independents, conservatives, libertarians, and even some Democrats have found common ground on a renewed platform of smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and personal liberty. That common ground has manifested itself in the form of many new Republican candidates on the path to victory in 2010.

These leftist groups can’t have that. They can’t have a Congress controlled by members more interested in personal liberty than working to increase the power of the union establishment. They can’t have a Congress controlled by members who prioritize fiscal responsibility over new entitlement programs. It’s the antithesis of everything for which these big government, big spending groups stand.