Leading Neo-Nazi Provides Financial Support to Paul Campaign?

A leading neo-Nazi/white supremacist leader, and owner of Stormfront, donated $500 to the Ron Paul campaign, according to an investigation by the Lone Star Times.

A LoneStarTimes.com investigation has conclusively established that a leading figure in the American neo-Nazi / White-Supremacist movement has provided financial support to Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential campaign.

The individual in question is Don Black, the founder, owner and operator of Stormfront, a “white power” website that both professional journalists and watch-dog groups have identified as the premier English-language racist/hate-site on the Internet…

According to Federal Election Commission records, on 9/30/07 the Ron Paul presidential campaign received a $500 contribution from a Mr. Don Black, who lists his address as 203 Lakeland Drive and identifies his occupation as “self-employed/website manager”

The white supremacist forum (Stormfront) has been running a banner on the bottom of its pages for a while, which directs you to a Ron Paul support site.

Paul’s also attracted the donation of Alex Jones, a well-known conspiracy theorist, for $2,300 (maximum allowed).