Stark Finally Apologizes to President

Raving Loon Democratic Representative Pete Stark has apologized to the President, troops, and his colleagues, after having said (on the House floor) that the President sends troops to Iraq to “have their heads blown off” for his amusement.

The apology came after the House voted 196-173 with eight members voting present to table a resolution introduced by House Minority Leader John Boehner censuring Stark. Though the motion amounts to a failed vote, Stark addressed fellow lawmakers afterward to apologize.

“I want to apologize first of all to my colleagues, many of whom I have offended, to the president. his family, to the troops that may have found (offense) in my remarks as were suggested in the motion that we just voted on, and I do apologize. … With this apology I will become as insignificant as I should be and we can return to the issues that do divide us but that we can resolve,” Stark said to applause.

Stark’s turnaround was in direct contrast to his position last week, outlined in the eight-paragraph resolution that claimed his “personally abusive language” impugned the president’s and Congress’ motives and dishonored the troops.

The resolution quoted Stark and then concluded that “Mr. Stark, by his despicable conduct, has dishonored himself and brought discredit to the House and merits the censure of the House for the same. Resolved, that the member from California, Mr. Stark, is hereby so censured.”

Not surprisingly, Democrats killed the censure bill, refusing to officially condemn Stark’s remarks. To her credit, Pelosi called them inappropriate.

My feelings precisely:

What a sorry excuse for a congressman.

Indeed. Taking that a step further, what a sorry excuse for a man.