Taxpayer-Funded NPR Insults Just About Every Non-Liberal

Concerned about massive expansions of the federal government that would come through Congressional healthcare reform legislation? Don’t want bureaucrats coming between you and your doctor? Oppose the elimination of the private sector through the implementation of a government-run system?

Well, congratulations. The notoriously left-wing NPR just spent your tax dollars to insult you through animated video format.

In a video that both Jon Stewart and MSNBC would consider too hackish to run with, NPR calls everyone who disagrees with Nancy Pelosi’s position on healthcare reform idiots.

If you don’t want the government making your medical decisions and running your healthcare in the future, you’re just a “paranoid” reactionary who ignores the horrors committed by the insurance companies.

Best use of your tax dollars since the government spent $27 million in non-existent zip codes.