Thomas Sowell: Gingrich for President

Renowned libertarian economist Thomas Sowell has decided to endorse former Speaker Newt Gingrich for president.

In his endorsement, Sowell notes the viable alternative — Mitt Romney — has plenty of progressive accomplishments (like RomneyCare) but no conservative achievements on his record.

The fact that each of the short-lived front-runners in the Republican field gained that position by presenting themselves as staunch conservatives suggests that Republican voters may have been trying to avoid having to accept Mitt Romney, whose record as governor of Massachusetts produced nothing that would be regarded as a serious conservative achievement.

Romney’s own talking point that he has been a successful businessman is no reason to put him into a political office, however much it may be a reason for him to become a successful businessman again.

Indeed, George Soros is a successful businessman, too. So is Donald Trump. I wouldn’t want either of them running the nation.

And forgetting the affair allegations, look at how successful businessman Herman Cain ran his campaign. Success in business does not necessarily translate to success in politics or governance.

As Mitt Romney can attest.

See, for all his talk of experience, Romney has lost more elections than he’s won. He lost the United States Senate race against Kennedy and the 2008 Republican nomination.

Romney’s only political victory has been the election to a single term as governor of Massachusetts. And there he maintained popularity by governing as a leftist — not by winning others over to his side of the argument.

Keep all of that in mind. This is a guy who has a piss-poor track record in politics. Even now he’s only remained viable because the other alternatives have flamed out. He still struggles to crack 30% in the primary. He actually sucks at winning elections.