Video: War Zones Are Dangerous, Unclear

Wikileaks is a site that exists under the guise of creating an open society and keeping organizations honest. In actuality, the site is willing to publish secret material that has nothing to do with corruption. Concerns for national security? What’s that? Wikileaks would publish the names and locations of CIA clandestine operatives if it could get a hold of that information.

The site also has its political and geopolitical biases as you’ll see below. It released a video today that purports to show the US military intentionally murdering journalists through the use of Apache helicopters. The video is even edited to add captions providing commentary that makes everything seem so simple and clear.

In fact, the service members in the Apaches are entirely convinced that the men who are roaming around in an open field and even hiding behind a wall are carrying RPG launchers. Whatever the individual is carrying does, in fact, resemble one. The fact that some individuals in the group were carrying AK-47s didn’t help.

So the service members, fearful for the loss of innocent life in the height of violence in 2007, decided to take out the group they saw walking around with what appeared to be AK-47s and RPG launchers. They engaged with the Apache’s guns and took out the eight individuals.

It later turned out that the group sadly included two Reuters journalists. Rather than recognize that mistakes are made in war and that the military mistook the individuals as a threat, Wikileaks labels the situation “collateral murder”. Not losses or deaths but “murder”.

The video demonstrates the danger of traveling to a war zone. Which is why war correspondents tend to be respected and rare. Wikileaks, hosted in Sweden, decides instead to paint the situation as a clear and straight-forward murder case. Which is both sad and pathetic.