Major Update on Goose Creek Case

The St. Petersburg Times has a significant update on the Goose Creek case.

PVC pipe filled with homemade “low-grade explosive mixture” and a videotape instruction for turning a remote-controlled toy car into a detonator were among the items found in the car driven by two University of South Florida students arrested in South Carolina and now facing federal explosives charges, according to a federal prosecutor.

An assistant U.S Attorney outlined the evidence confiscated from the car driven by two suspended USF students — describing a container and three pipes filled with a low grade explosive mixture.

The list also included a videotape that instructs viewers on how to convert a toy electric car into a detonator. Defendant Ahmed Mohamed has admitted making the tape, and in it he says he intended the instruction “to save one who wants to be a martyr for another battle,” said federal prosecutor Jay Hoffer.

The military base near their place of arrest holds enemy combatants, which explains the “saving the wannabe martyr” part. You know, I’ve heard very few media reports on this, lately, though I’m still hearing about Larry Craig’ toe-tapping.

Hat tip Michelle Malkin. Others: Hot Air, Old War Dogs.