Trump: America Needs Us Some Trade Protectionsim

Which will no doubt earn effusive support from Senator Smoot and Congressman Hawley.

From a GQ profile on Master Businessman and Best, Classiest, Most Awesome Negotiator Evuh Donald Trump. Mr. President Donald, what happens if an American company — say, Ford? — wants to build a plant elsewhere because costs are too high in the United States?

“It’s so easy. It’s too easy.

Whenever anyone tells you an answer to a major national economic problem that has haunted us for decades is “easy”, beware.

I do it with a phone call.

This should be good.

I call the head of Ford, and I say, ‘Every single car and truck that comes into the US, we’re going to tax you 35 percent’.”

Ooh! So you’re going to threaten the head of an American company with even greater financial damage if he doesn’t accept the financial damage America’s current mandates and inflated manufacturing costs will inflict. There’s a good way to make prices skyrocket. And suppress new business creation.

Massive applause! Trump wasn’t done.

Of course not. The lemmings demand more. And by God, Sir Talksalot will give it to them.

“So this isn’t 99.9 percent—this is one hundred percent what’s going to happen:

This is blather. Either he’s being absurd and sounds like a child, or he’s being serious and is providing 100% certainty about the actions of another human being he doesn’t even personally know, who has to answer to other human beings he doesn’t even personally know.

He’ll call me back, probably that afternoon, but he may play it tough and call me back the next day.

You see this blather? This is intended to convince the open-mouthed masses that he has the Inside Scoop. That he’s so acquainted with this process that he’s got it nailed down to precisely the time the call will come, or if it doesn’t — why. The Secret Knowledge the Elites in Washington don’t want you to have. But Donald Trump, the Best Businessman Evuh, will tell you. For $29.95 plus shipping and handling.

The next day I’ll get a call from Ben Ford

The guy’s name is Bill Ford. Bill. The executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company, whose personality and decision-making process you know so well that you can predict the time of his phone call, is named William Clay Ford, Jr.. Bill for short.

Ben Ford is a chef who has a new book out about grilling in the outdoors. Takes pride in his Texas-style barbecue. Sounds exciting. Sounds delicious. But he’s unlikely to be calling you about vehicle manufacturing in Mexico.

and he’ll say, ‘Mr. President, we decided not to build that plant. We’ll build it in the United States.’”

Of course he will! It’s always that simple. Why didn’t anyone else think of it before?

Never mind the fact Congress would have to pass such a tariff and never would, and that Ford would know that. Or that prices would still skyrocket because you’re forcing Ford to build in a high-cost environment under threat of even higher costs. Or that Ford would likely respond to decreased sales by laying off workers.

Never mind all of that. Negotiator Extraordinaire Donald Trump, the most classiest and best businessman who has ever graced our good country, will fix all of our problems with a phone call and a threat. You just wait and see. So take him at face value. Don’t be a loser. This true conservative will save us with trade protectionism.

Iran Nuke Deal Divides Democrats in Maryland

There’s a contentious Democratic Senate primary underway in the deep blue state of Maryland, and the president’s agreement to allow Iran to have a nuclear program has become an issue.

Congresswoman Donna Edwards, who has come under fire for her wavering support for Israel, has launched an attack on opponent Congressman Chris Van Hollen for daring to read the deal before blindly supporting it.

“Congressman Van Hollen is doing what he does far too often — holding his finger to the air, and waiting to see which direction the political winds are blowing,” Edwards said in a statement this week. “That’s not leadership, that’s followership.”

Not a fan of Van Hollen, but someone should ask Edwards if she’s actually read the deal. If she could even find Natanz on a map. Or if she’s just blindly supporting the agreement because Obama wants it.

For his part, Van Hollen notes that the two current United States Senators representing Maryland, both far-left Democrats, have yet to decisively endorse the agreement. Senators Cardin and Mikulski are still reviewing the details.

“While serious people … review the facts about this incredibly important nuclear weapons agreement with Iran, Donna Edwards once again is only interested in political attacks,” Sheila O’Connell said.

The deal has Democrats divided into two primary camps:

  1. The White House’s staunchest, most partisan supporters who would endorse banning abortion and deporting gay illegal aliens if Obama suddenly proposed it tomorrow.
  2. Ideological Democrats who are skeptical a state-sponsor of terrorism that denies the Holocaust, calls for America’s destruction, and executes gays for being gay, can be trusted with a shady nuclear program.

Ultimately there are members of the latter camp who will bite the bullet and endorse the deal to ensure the campaign cash flows in a tough election year. Because ultimately it’s the former camp that controls the big campaign coffers.

But for now, in a primary where loyalty to Barack Obama trumps all else, the partisans will use any sign of wavering to bash the ideologues over the head. And the ideologues will have to decide which is more important: An easier electoral victory and helping secure a short-term “legacy” win for Barack Obama? Or the long-term security of both the United States and her allies? Hopefully they choose wisely.

Trump Brings His Troll Game, Thanks Gawker

So yesterday Gawker, which previously took heat for outing an executive (Tim Geithner’s brother, in fact) inaugurated its promised new, kinder side…by posting Donald Trump’s cellphone number. I’m not going to link it, but you can find it easily enough.

Listen, it’s not surprising that Gawker’s promised reform will only apply to lefties, if it’s actually implemented at all. The pressure Gawker received was a result of the target being the closeted gay brother of a prominent Democrat. I imagine a Republican target would have been fine. Probably seen as deserving it, even.

But Trump, as much as I don’t like the man, is a Level 10 troll. And so troll he will:

As a tool to reach undecided voters, it won’t do anything. Too early and the people who are paying attention and who will call the number are either his staunch opponents or staunch allies. It’s an echo chamber.

But what serves Trump well here is demonstrating he’ll fight and use technology to get back at his opponents. Which I imagine is refreshing for a whole bunch of grassroots tired of what they perceive as a weak-kneed GOP.